Friday, 2 August 2013


Good morning everybody! Can you believe that it's weekend again?
My apologies for jumping from "Stella" to "Quilting" and back to "hunting" again but when something pops up, I have to share it with you immediately! so, re: the "Karoo" quilting block of yesterday.

Anyway, I had some photos of the actual hunt and the 2 buck he shot, but I think my husband took them off my camera and transferred them to his computer. So, I will have to wait until I can get hold of them. You know that hunters have to have pics of their shoot for record purposes, as they have to present these if required, to maintain their hunting status. I don't know if the law overseas is the same, but here in South Africa, that's the law in the Hunting Fraternity.

I personally have not ever shot anything but love being with my husband because he is one of the best shots around and has an abundant knowledge of nature and the bush. He has the world's respect for what he does and only shoots 'for the pot'. He is not blood-thirsty and pays homage to the animal he has shot.  He is an amazing and generous man because he gives some of the meat away to underpriveleged people and the rest to our family and close friends. Before I met him I was ignorant of the fact that regular beef is full of hormones and fat and that game / venison is not. It actually makes sense because buck run fast and are very active so have very little fat on their bodies, whereas cows do not. They only run if they have to. Once I figured that out, I appreciated what Charles was doing for us as a family. I am now able to eat the meat and enjoy the preparation thereof, which is slightly different to the way we handle regular beef. We do eat a lot of chicken and fish as well.

View from the top of the Land Rover, looking for signs of spoor...

I absolutely love the wide open spaces of the veld and can spend a whole day just walking around, taking photographs and watching.....

We came across a small herd of female 'water buck'. Note the light ring around their tails.


I am waiting for Charles to send me some pics of the last hunt we did, the lodge etc, then will post. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 1 August 2013


I had to make a block for a dear friend Petro Nel, who is going to combine many other blocks to make up a beautiful quilt. I will be able to share more of this precious story once the quilt has been put together, but in the meanwhile have a look at my block. Her instructions were to do something 'primitive' with specified colours. So, since I love the Karoo so much, I created my own design.

The completed product. Ready for Petro.

I love this so much that I'm going to make myself and dear Tiki  one. You can follow her inspiring blog on :

Have a peaceful evening!