Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hello everybody! 

Don't you just love this block? Its part of the Belle Quilt by Tiki Brophy>

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The next quilt in the making. This is for someone special....

The recipient will be revealed soon.

Just 3 more 'sleeps', then hubby will be home after a 2 month stint away. Have to get as much stitching done so that i have more time to spend with him, so this post is 'short n sweet!'
Take care until next time.
AUTUMN :...............

Well, today I can definitely feel that autumn is finally showing her beautiful face in the ever- changing leaves , cool mornings and evenings. I will post some photographs as the situation allows. But first let me share some beautiful quilts with you.
                                                             The first hand stitched quilt I made was for my daughter. She wanted a pink and black one. This is a Tiki Brophy design called " Always believe in angels among us".                                                      I just cant wait for the cooler weather to start hand quilting and        snuggle up under all the quilted love.

Bunting I made from same fabrics for her bedroom. She has now ordered a Block Quilt, but that will have to wait a while as I have about 8 other projects that have to be completed first.

 A block quilt I made for our bed last year.

A close up of one of the detailed blocks:

I just love love the old leather suitcases and have a collection of them. This one I actually used on a short trip to visit my mom ; much to my teenagers 'disgust'. You cannot believe how spacious they are, strong and sturdy.

 Made these crumpets from a recipe book I received from the kids for my birthday. They were decorated with fresh fruit, honey and fresh cream. Pure delight for the craving tastebuds.

                                       Delightful! Makes one look like a 'pro' but so easy.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Crocheting & Cushions..................................

Hi! once again everybody!!

What a privilege it is to do crafts. I try my hand at many things that tickle my fancy. Crocheting is one of them. During the December holiday I crocheted a whole bunch of flowers which i used to decorate some cushions. I kept myself busy in the car on the long trip down to the Karoo to our holiday home. I hate wasting time, even in the car , so always have something for my hands to do.
The cushion -above- found its way to the UK to my dear friend and sister in law, Dee. She just loves and appreciates all handmade things.
I kept this cushion for myself, but still prefer the one above. What do you think of them?

The following two cushions i also recently made for our home, with the left over fabric that i used for the Vintage American Star quilt. You will find pictures of that on an earlier post. Go and have a look.

                                         Cushion no.1:
Before :

                                                                            After :

I used one of my husband's check flannel shirts to finish it off. See the buttons along the side. I never removed them as I thought it added some character. What do u think? Please drop me a line and tell me or share some of your creations.

Cushion no. 2 :

Before :

After :

Friday, 8 March 2013

                         CANCER  SUPPORT......

Tomorrow, 9th March, marks the first anniversary of mom's passing, so that led me to do something a bit 'out of the box' to show my support and love for cancer sufferers, their families and those who have passed away. I went and had parts of my hair dyed pink! It was also a challenge made by my son Fredy who shaved his hair , and had the cancer logo dyed at the back of his head. Since I enjoy the odd challenge, I felt convicted to do similar. I'm thinking of mom Helberg, aunty Theresa Herbst, John    - I never really knew him, but know his wife Carol and family well and my heart goes out to them all! To the survivors (whom i know) - Frans Lotter, aunty Nona van Dyk, Margie Carew, Lorraine Greeff, Elsa van Heerden, this is for you all!!  You are all heroes!!So, i am reminded of your pain and suffering and will make a constant effort to pray for you and your families every time I look into the mirror and see the pink hair. It's a very humbling experience and I have NO regrets!



Thursday, 7 March 2013


I sit here today and think about my new family, ( while I bide the time waiting to skype with my beautiful sister in law Deirdre) ; .... the Helbergs..... and quietly thank God for giving me another chance in life.  I am thankful for their love and acceptance of me, without any reservations. I  will always love my 'ex' family and in-laws but I've realised we were not created to be alone forever. Loneliness is a terrible thing and although it's so difficult having to move on with life, we just have to. We hang on trusting and secretly hoping that God is taking care of us , but yet, we have that longing for a 'mate' or companion.
I also think of mom Helberg who passed away on the 9th March 2012. She was so brave fighting cancer and never complained although she experienced so much pain. She never wanted to be a burden to anybody. Just got on with whatever came her way.  I 've just passed some photographs of the quilt I handstitched for her when we heard the news of her diagnosis and I wanted her to experience the precious love of a handstitched quilt. So got stuck into one for her. It almost brought her to tears when we presented it to her in July 2011! I embroidered all her childrens' names onto the quilt which brought her and dad much pleasure while they sat reading them. It still has pride of place on the beautiful bed dad sleeps on and I know will give him warm hours of peaceful sleep.

Rest in peace mom. Love you always!

                                 Mom, Dad, Deirdre & I (kneeling)

Here are some pics of the quilt I made for mom and dad  Helberg :

Some of the patterns are from Tiki Brophy designs, but I added my own 'touch' to it.

Seems like the lights are on at home......

The quilt where it is now... with dad.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My Birthday..

Although its a few days after my birthday, i just have to mention that I was spoiled rotten and had an awesome day! Started off with spoiling the 2 kids (still at home) with a yummy breakfast and then met up with Fred (eldest) , Laura and Bev for breakfast at Coobah. Then rushed off to school as I was invited for tea and cake. Later had to take Cheney for her driver's test ....which she passed..... so was a very eventful but tiring day. We finished it off at home with chicken salad, yogurt fridge tart and milk tart. Was lovely just being home with all the kids , but missed my hubby a lot. also missed my mom who is still at home in Jhb recovering from her back injury. Not to worry, at least Charles will be home in a week and a half. So have more to look forward to. Isn't it sad that our men have to work so far away from home and out the country because there is no decent employment that pays reasonable salaries for them in their own country? Nevertheless other countries are also benefitting by having their expertise which hopefully raises their standards and in the long run will uplift their economy.

Back to my birthday..... I just want to share some of the gifts with you. I got bunches of flowers galore which i love love and our home is filled with their sweet scent...St.Joseph's Lillies, roses, carnations and crysanthemums!!  Quilting books, cookery book, perfume, teddy bear shelf etc... Thankyou all so much for making it such a special day!

Who can ever get enough of books? I don't seem to have enough books! My interests and hobbies scan over a very wide spectrum and i cherish every book i own.

Just have to share these two pics of Bubbles our Yorkie who loves to snuggle behind my quilted cushions. She plays hide and seek. Goes to show... even dogs can appreciate quilted loveliness...

Sunday, 3 March 2013