Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Hello again. I'm back after spending the day in Carletonville yesterday, where Cheney and I attended a scrapbooking class. I have an Album that I have to complete for her 21st birthday, which she will receive as my gift to her. So, still have lots of work to do. Will share with you as time goes by.

A couple of weeks ago Charles and I went up North to Stella, where he had to do a hunt. This is also necessary so that he can maintain his status as a hunter. I'm not a hunter and close my eyes just as he's about to pull the trigger, but love being with my husband and sharing the bush with him. He has years of knowledge and bush survival skills that he enjoys sharing with me, since he knows that I'm one of his biggest fans. He is one of the best shots around and I love photographing him whilst he's busy.

Stella is quite close to the Kalahari. We spent the night at a hunting lodge owned by very hospitable farmers and our hosts Stephen and Rika were absolutely the nicest people. We slept in a comfortable self-catering thatched chalet. Spent the evening sitting around a fire in the Boma eating, laughing and telling stories and listening to the jackals calling and the distant roar of lions. Thrilling but quite scary! Special memories.

Charles and Stephen messing around and having a good laugh!

Have an awesome day and see you tomorrow. Thanks for popping in.

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  1. Sitting around a Kalahari bush fire has to be one of life's great pleasures - I miss it! Beautiful photos as always xx